• Inteluck Tracking Platform V2.6

    Dedicated IoT & DaaS Solution for your Vehicle and Assets.

  • Inteluck Tracking Platform Main Features

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    Monitor your Vehicle 24/7 with Simple, Friendly & Beautiful Dashboard

    Location History

    Check your Maximum 2 Years Location History Anytime!

    Geofence & Proximity

    You can set up Unlimited Geofence and Proximity to control your fleet path!

    Driver Behavior Report

    We record every movement of your driver, turn, accelerating, hard break, overstay and others.

    Real-time Fuel Consumption

    Monitor your Real-time Fuel Consumption, Avoid Fuel Pilferage Now!

    Live Traffic Status

    Check the Live Traffic Status, Find your none traffic road!   

    Vehicle Intelligence Report

    View your Vehicles' Engine Status, Fuel Consumption, Driver Behavior...All in One Report!!

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    Inteluck Vehicle Tracking -Basic
    Inteluck Tracking Platform is the flagship product of Inteluck Corporation. It is an online integrated system for monitoring locations and statuses of equipments, may it be mobile or stationary.
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